​​Tim Stafford

Fencing Contractor and 2015 Golden Pliers Winner

- Marton

I like a simple, easy to use, robust Post Driver and I felt that the FENCEQUIP HD Post Driver was the only real one like this on the market. My machine has noticeably more side sift, more mast shift and more side tilt and top link movement than any other machines I have operated in the past. It is a well built machine that you can tell is going to last for years.

The Multi-Option Side Mount I find very useful with the versatility to be able to use it in the three different positions - The bit that I like the most is being able to use it in the rear mount position.

I would have no hesitation in buying from FENCEQUIP again and recommend them to others. You are not talking to a salesperson, you talk directly to the person who designs, builds and sells them. It’s a bit of a luxury to be able to do that, especially because I've been fencing for so long now that I'm fussy in what I want. I feel that Troy listened to what I wanted out of a Post Driver and he was able to accommodate my requirements, rather than me having to make adjustments or changes after-market.

You can feel confident in buying from FENCEQUIP, they are people who are passionate
about Post Drivers and the fencing industry.



Paul Goodyear
Fencing Contractor
- Warkworth

I have had my FENCEQUIP banger for 2 years now and I am very happy with it. The Mast Shift and Hydraulic bending boom I find very useful as well as the Multi-Option Side Mount. I can see the machine is well made and heavy duty. Dealing with owner/builder is great as Troy is very approachable and they have a good back up service.

Brent Hawkins
- Whangarei

I am happy with my FENCEQUIP MD Post Driver - have no quarrels. 
You can tell its a lot stronger and I find it sits better behind the tractor than other machines I have operated. The Post Lifter I find very useful - I wouldn't be without it! The 255kg Block upgrade has also been useful. 


A.J. Graham

Fencing Contractor

- Manawatu

My Multi-Option Side Mount is brilliant. The extra length on the Side Shift is also very useful. I find my FENCEQUIP Post Driver has a robust build, its easy to use and is very versatile.

I would recommend FENCEQUIP as they have an excellent friendly service, a no worries back up for parts and they make a top quality machine.