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1m Side Mount

1m Side Mount


The 1m Side Mount is a proven system for fencing in a range of conditions

Key Features:

  • The 1m Side Mount allows you to drive down a fenceline and extend out to each post - while allowing you to take all your gear with you in the large tool box and multiple tool carriers ie spade, hand rammer and reeling/wire jennies.
  • This machine has 1m of travel.
  • Low counter weight which reduces wear and tear on your tractor draft arms. It also lowers the centre of gravity to help gain stability.
  • High quality screw-end Ram

When you are purchasing a HD (Contractors) Post Driver your Side Mount will come as a HD model.

The HD Side Mounts are made out of larger profile steel with larger wall thickness. The HD Side Mounts are 40kg heavier than the MD models. We have done this to make the contractors machine last extra long when handling a heavier Post Driver and Block.​​​

Option to upgrade the standard open Tool Box to a closed in one



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