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HD Telescopic- Contractors Post Driver

HD Telescopic- Contractors Post Driver

The HD Telescopic is designed to work under powerlines and trees.

It has an independent Rock Spike / Drill Ram allowing you to Rock Spike or Drill without lifting the Mast up. For high strength the Mast includes high tensile HARDOX and STRENX Steel from Sweden. The HD Telescopic has a recycling Lift Ram system meaning it does not require a high flow return.

Standard Features Include:
  • 3.8m-5m Mast
  • Adjustable / Replaceable Nylon Slides• 10mm Wire Rope
  • 280 kg Block with Nylon Slides
  • Built in High Country Twin Guides & Pins
  • 6 Bank Hydraulic Valve• Heavy Duty Chromoly Top Link
  • 60° Top Link Angle
  • 55° Side Tilt Angle
  • Greaseable Pins
  • 270mm Top Pulley
  • 75mm Adjustable Main Pin
  • Adjustable Legs
        Options Available:
        • 1m Side Mount HD
        • 1m Multi-Option Side Mount HD
        • Rear Shift & Rear Shift Multi-Option
        • 410mm Mast Shift
        • SHD Hydraulic Turned Auger Unit - 1550mm Travel Depth
        • SHD Hydraulic Turned Rock Spike Unit - 1550mm Travel Depth
        • 90mm or 120mm Rock Spike - 1750mm
        • Auger Head for Rock Spike 
        • Block Upgrades - 300kg or 350kg
        • Hydraulic Feet
        • Leg Roller
        • Post Lifter
        • HD Post-Cap


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