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MD - Farmers Post Driver

MD - Farmers Post Driver

MD for Medium Duty. The MD is a simplified version of the HD Post Driver.

Intended for farmers that still do a serious amount of fencing and need a machine that can take the wide range of options that FENCEQUIP has available. ​​

The MD has a lot of the same features as the HD, such as the 270mm Top Pulley, 10mm Wire Rope and 150 UC37 Mast, making it the highest spec machine in its class.
Its 54° Hydraulic Top Link and 50° Hydraulic Side Tilt can be achieved without having to change any pins, making the job a lot easier and faster.

All our Hydraulic Rams are High quality screw-end Rams. Screw-end Rams can cope with more fatigue and higher pressure. This is very important because Post Drivers are high vibration machines.

All our products come with a 12 month warranty as we stand by our product.
Our machines are sandblasted to ensure paint longevity.

Standard Features Include:

  • 4.15m Straight Mast (150 UC37)
  • 4 Bank Hydraulic Valve
  • 270mm Top Pulley
  • 60mm Adjustable Main Pin
  • 10mm Wire Rope
  • 54° Hydraulic Top Link
  • 50° Hydraulic Side Tilt
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Greaseable Pins
  • 235kg Block
  • Post-Cap

Options Available:

  • 1m Side Mount
  • 1m Multi-Option Side Mount
  • Rear Shift & Rear Shift Multi-Option
  • Hydraulic Hinge - 4.65m or 4.95m
  • 300mm Mast Shift
  • Hydraulic Turned Auger & Extractor - 1400mm Travel Depth
  • MD Hydraulic Turned Rock Spike & Extractor - 1400mm Travel Depth
  • 90mm or 120mm Rock Spikes - 1600mm
  • Auger Head for Rock Spike
  • Block Upgrades - 270kg or 300kg
  • Post Lifter
  • Leg Roller
  • HD Post-Cap
  • Extra Valves

For more information about our Options check out the “Options” Page.

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