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SHD - Contractors Post Driver

SHD - Contractors Post Driver

We had a few requests from customers who required a Post Driver with a huge amount of energy for driving orchard/vineyard deadman, so the “Super Heavy Duty” model was born.

This machine is similar to our HD contractors model but has been “beefed” up to handle a heavier block.

Creating a heavy Block on a capable Post Driver isn’t as easy as it sounds. When doing the maths I realised that any machine that runs over a 350 kg Block will end up accumulating a large amount of hydraulic restriction/loss. Therefore we created a new way to dissipate oil during a fast heavy drop cycle. We have done this by creating a 3 way dumping system.


Standrard Features Include:

  • 5.15m Hydraulic Hinged Mast (150 UC37)
  • 410mm Mast Shift
  • 13mm Wire Rope
  • 400 kg Block with Nylon Slides
  • 6 Bank Hydraulic Valve
  • Extra Large Bearings
  • Heavy Duty Chromoly Top Link
  • 60° Top Link Angle
  • 55° Side Tilt Angle
  • 3” Side Tilt Ram
  • Greaseable Pins
  • 270mm Top Pulley with double bearings
  • 75mm Adjustable Main Pin
  • Adjustable Main Pin
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Post Cap

Options Available:

  • 1m Side Mount SHD
  • 1m Multi-Option Side Mount SHD
  • Rear Shift & Rear Shift Multi-Option
  • 4.95m Hydraulic Hinged Mast
  • 500kg Block with Nylon Slides
  • SHD Hydraulic Turned Auger Unit - 1550mm Travel Depth
  • SHD Hydraulic Turned Rock Spike Unit - 1550mm Travel Depth
  • 90mm or 120mm Rock Spike - 1750mm
  • Auger Head for Rock Spike
  • High Country Twin Guides & Pins
  • Hydraulic Feet
  • Leg Roller
  • Post Lifter


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